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Codex Humanus
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Codex Humanus

"Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity"

Every disease loses its fear factor as a result of this book..!

  • All the important natural remedies from allcontinents, cultures und epochs of the world on almost   2000 pages in the newly published 3rd edition!
  • Sabotaged and concealed studies on sensational successes in prevention and therapy for every imaginable disease!
  • From A wie for allergies, Alzheimer's, ageingarthritisarthrosis and for blood pressurefor for diabetes dementiadepression for heart diseasefor cancer or cirrhosisfor migraine, O for obesity (adiposis) all ailments and diseases find their potent active substance here – completely free of side effects!
  • Clearly structured  tables showing active substances and effects allow for rapid orientation!
  • A controversial, unique compendium and reference work on the most important therapeutic substances and explosive study results from alternative medicine!



An absolute must for every health-conscious household!

Find out facts first hand and use the complete Power of Mother Nature, in order to successfully overcome all diseases now and in the future – without any aggressive chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry!

The 3rd edition of a  2000 page- compendium naming the most important natural remedies, which have demonstrated incredible healing successes in modern studies and everyday therapy without this being known, and have been sabotaged and covered up  by the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession in most cases - an indispensable reference work for every health-conscious household.

Make sure you have access to this compact, incredibly important knowledge, before it too falls victim to the increasing censorship of the pharmaceutical lobby..!

Dear Reader,

what is "Codex Humanus" and who needs such a thing?

Right after the launch in Germany, this book broke all sales records for a good reason. Finally, the German bestseller "Codex Humanus" is also available in the English language!

"Codex Humanus", which translates as "The Book of Humanity", "The Book of Humans" or also"Book of Human Life" defines itself as a long overdue counterpart to conventional books, which you come across in retail stores in their thousands but which are ultimately exact replicas of each other and merely repeat the information released or even prescribed by official bodies under the "vigilance" of the powerful pharmaceutical industry…!

"Codex Humanus" is different!

Codex Humanus (also available as cheaper eBook!) is independent of all lobby associations and repressive measures from the pharmaceutical industry and the controlling medical establishment, and the information in the 3rd edition on almost  2000 pages exclusively serves human beings – not the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry, nor the corrupt medical profession or even so-called "self-help groups", which are frequently nothing more than the extended arm of the pharmaceutical industry!


We promise you that this is the most valuable book ,

you have ever held in your hands – and you will now find out the reason for this...!

The book is forthright and, above all, uncensored, and will help you discover the whole TRUTH about issues,

which concern the most valuable asset of every human being:


Your health!


With regard to health issues, our modern age has been defined, very memorably, as a coin with two sides – a depressingly negative one but also an astonishingly positive one, you might even say uplifting..!

The negative side is characterised by diseases such as allergies, cancer, arthritis, arthrosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, depressions, cardiovascular diseases (including heart attacks, strokes!), migraine etc., so-called "lifestyle diseases" are increasing at a rapid pace, something which we undoubtedly owe to the increasingly relentless poisoning of the air we breathe, our drinking water, our food and even our clothes by industry and, parallel to this, the decrease in the supply of nutrients and vital substances in our food!

The positive side of the coin can be summed up with the term "Information Age" which means nothing more than the simply inconceivable spectrum of knowledge offered by the electronic connection of millions of people across the globe in their own four walls, in the form of the Internet!

Only a very small number of people are adequately aware of the power for our health which results from this; please read the following lines carefully:


The creation of the Internet and the interconnection of all human beings resulting from this mean that people today have access to the compact knowledge of all methods of healing and naturopathic substances from all eras and cultures of humankind, for the very first time in the history of the human race –


completely uncensored!


We are dependent on poisonous, so-called "toximolecular" i.e. non-biological medicines of the pharmaceutical industry (involuntary and insidious dependency!) and are increasingly disengaged from all aspects of a healthy existence, whereas the indigenous peoples in Central and South America have used the skills of the shaman for centuries to escape from disease. In addition to this, the Chinese with their TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and the Indians with their Ayurveda rid themselves of diseases in a natural way, which has evolved for humankind and is therefore the only method that proves functional, and are very successful in protecting themselves from recurrences! Each of the cultures mentioned above has developed its own recipes through the centuries, irrespective of whether they concern diverse medicinal herbs, grasses, medicinal mushrooms, roots, algae or berries… All the above natural products represent potential remedies which are side-effect free ("so-called orthomolecular ") , and proved their unique healing power in countless studies long ago! All this enormous amount of incredibly valuable knowledge, which we have explicitly bundled for YOU in the 2 volumes of this book over the course of many years (including the aforementioned studies), has been combined on the Internet and is available completely uncensored for the first time!


Use the power provided by Mother Nature and protect yourself and your family...!


Orthodox medicine has a relatively short experience of just 150 years, while naturopathy has been used successfully since time immemorial - experience that has been passed down through countless generations, complemented by groundbreaking advances in molecular medicine, epigenetics and biochemistry!

In light of increasing manipulation and censorship by the pharmaceutical lobby, there can be no doubt that it is high time to summarise this knowledge, which is incredibly important for humankind, in a single work of over almost 2000 pages, before the facts are successively banished from literature and are n longer available to you..!


In the following, you will find out why diseases  such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthrosis, arthritis, allergies, dementia, depressions, asthma, hepatitis, migraine, impotence, neurodermatitis, adiposis (obesity) and all diseases ending in"-itis" will lose their power to frighten you forever after the purchase of this book! 


All of these diseases are scrourges on modern life, most of them:


because there is a plant for each and every ailment!


After more than 10 years of extensive research, we have collated the most important, largely unknown and hushed up natural remedies fo you over almost 2000 pages and tell you about the astonishingeffect of Mother Nature, which your doctors do not know about as a result of censored curricular at the universities as well as falsified studies - verified by unambiguous studies and expert opinions. 

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"Codex Humanus" (two-part, bound book)

Introductory offer

Get today as a special offer the 2-part book "Codex Humanus" (2000 pages, 3rd edition, bound books Volume I and II) with a total value of 283,90 EU for a sensational price of only 79,90 EU (also available as cheaper eBook, click => HERE!), to yourself and your family to protect against diseases and premature aging!

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Pharma Free

The creation of the Internet and the interconnection of all human beings resulting from this mean that people today have access to the compact knowledge of all methods of healing and naturopathic substances from all eras and cultures of humankind, for the very first time in the history of the human race – completely uncensored!


3+3 = 243 – The brilliant synergy effect!

The human body is composed of a cell complex of approx. 27 trillion cells. All disease prevention methods and healing therapies therefore have to take place exclusively at cellular level, namely via the so-called "orthomolecular" route, in order to be successful!

The individual effect of only a few (orthomolecular) substances from the book "Codex Humanus", stated below by way of example, is just sensational! What do think you a combinationof these substances would do?!

The combination of several of these extremely effective natural substances from this book does not have just a cumulative effect – their total effect increases exponentially!
As you will read, this is why the natural substance Bioperine, for example, improves the desired effect of another natural substance called resveratrol by 1544%while curcumin increases this by as much as 2000%in studies!

In a few minutes, you will find out why you will NO LONGER HAVE TO FEAR VIRTUALLY ANY ILLNESS, once you are in possession of this INSIDE-KNOWLEDGE from this reference work available to you here!


Without a doubt, these two volumes are a MUST for every household, a reference work for the whole family!

The book "Codex-Humanus" available here deals with well over 150 disorders!

You will find hardly any illness, from a slight cough to a serious HIV infection, which does not have a tried-and-tested treatment or a CURE in this book!

It would be beyond the scope of this website to consider all the medical conditions discussed in this book. Of the more than 150 disorders, the following are the most unpleasant and most dangerous, which is why we mention them only by way of example.


Use the power provided by Mother Nature and protect yourself and your family...!



Heart diseases, hypertension and heart attack -
the no. 1 cause of death.

One in two people dies from cardiovascular disease in spite of alleged research – however, heart attack is almost  100% preventable und und hypertension (the world´s no.1 killer!) can be significantly lowered both successfully and permanently in the overwhelming majority of cases in a relatively short time with the right nutrient combination, which you will find in this book!

Instead, the patient is treated with useless but all the more harmful antihypertensives (beta blockers) and cholesterol-blocking drugs (statins), until he or she finally succumbs to a heart attack or suffers other health problems as a result of the side effects!

With the information in the book "Codex-Humanus"  you can protect yourself and your nearest and dearest – safe prophylactic measures present absolutely no problems and even very serious conditions can be cured!

Amongst other things, you will also find out about the following in detail in your Codex Humanus:  

Prof. Dohrmann achieved the "world's best survival rates" in a West Berlin clinic for acute myocardial infarction with a single natural substance, which we will present to you in the book "Codex Humanus", more than 1000 infarctions were analysed for this purpose! Similar successes have also been confirmed by Prof. Agostoni in Milan!

In a survey of  3650 doctors  carried out in 1984, a total of  98% of the doctors questioned stated that this natural substance mentioned above was extremely effective. The other 2% at least said that it was effective!

Another natural substance, which we will present to you in this book, can lower hypertension , cholesterol in the blood by 40% and in the aorta by 45% , increase the heart’s oxygen uptake by 72% by as much as 148% in the aorta, and in the liver by 128%!

In the case of 20 patients who were treated with another natural substance from this book, there was a fantastic increase in the amount of blood pumped by the heart from 5.09 to 5.95 l in a record time of only 2 weeks. This was verified by an echocardiogram!

The ECG values were improved by 82.6% in 92 of the heart patients with the same natural substance!

Another natural substance which you will become acquainted with was able to reduce hypertension and the risk of heart attack by 50% in studies!

The impact of a certain natural substance on life expectancy was investigated in a twelve-year study of 240 men aged between 50-79. A 1mg/litre increase in the concentration of this substance in the blood significantly decreased the risk of heart attack

and reduced heart attack mortality by 48%!

Orthodox medicine maintains that arterioscerosis is (for her) irreversible, and this is indeed true! According to a long-term study, the juice of another natural substance in the book can stem the development of arteriosclerosis (vascular calcification which causes heart attacks and strokes) and even reverse it by up to 30%!

In a Bulgarian study of 34 pathologically hypertensive patients,  high blood pressure  could be lowered  systolically by an average of 10-15mm Hg  and  diastolically by 5-10mm Hg  with this substance in a very short time! 

A certain tea used by indigenous peoples in Central and South American, whose recipe we will reveal to you in our book "Codex Humanus" can break down the deposits in the arteries (which cause heart attacks!),   make the blood vessels elastic again, partially reverse arteriosclerosis and thereby successfully reduce hypertension in the longer term!

A substance that was fought against to the extreme in the USA was able to clear arteries which were  80% clogged (extremely serious arteriosclerosis!) by 50% only 30 days with 3x 15 drops a day!

In a long-term study of more than 11,000 patients, ingesting another substance which we will reveal to you in the book was able to reduce the heart attack and stroke rate by 30% compared with the control group,  decreased sudden cardiac death by 45%, and cholesterol fell by up to 30% ! 

A study of 2664 heart patients demonstrated the following improvements after only 90 days with a single natural substance, which we describe in our book "Codex Humanus":

SymptomsAlleviation in %
Arrhythmia63,4 %
Severe palpitations75,4 %
Dizziness73,1 %
Shortness of breath52,7 %
Cyanosis78 %
Oedemas77,8 % bis 78,6 %
Insomnia62,8 %
Urge to urinate at night53,6 %
Enlargement of the liver49,8 %
Sweating79,8 %

Cancer, the no. 2 cause of death!

One in two people contracts cancer, one in four dies of it –
and where are the ""researching pharmaceutical companies"?


Cancer is still THE scourge of humankind, because it is based completely on lies!

Alarmingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) expects an increase in the cancer rate of 40% by the year 2020 and by a horrifying 70% in the next 20 years! For this reason, cancer prevention is no longer a trivial matter, but is more than NECESSARY – protect yourself and your family against this epidemic with the INSIDE knowledge in the

Codex Humanus!


It is proven thatChemotherapy results in a very questionable average ""success rate"" of only 2,3% of all patients, this is underpinned by long-term studies from the USA and Australia on a total of 200,000 treated patients! It can be assumed that many more people die from the serious effects of chemotherapy than are cured by these poisons!


Operation, radiation treatment and chemotherapy…. the triangle of a misguided, symptom-oriented instead of cause-oriented cancer therapy concept from an allegedly advanced medical field, which has quite obviously been at a dead end for decades and is more than questionable!


Cancer can be cured providing that you decide on the right cancer treatment - – cancer prevention is extremely easy with the right combination of natural substances!


All this is underpinned by reliable, representative studies!


Amongst other things, you will also find out about the following in detail in your Codex Humanus:  



A harmless natural substance, which will cost you approx. €3.50 a month, prevents 98% of cancer in more than 60 of years of use by millions of people!

You will find out which substance mix was able to halve the overall cancer rate around the world according to Prof. Wrba from Vienna!

Another natural substance inhibits the growth of lung cancer, lymph gland cancer and leukaemia  by at least 80% in vitro! 

According to the French internist Gérard, 600mg/day of this substance led to a ""substantial regression" of malignant tumours in only a few weeks, especially in the case of breast cancer, colorectal cancer and stomach cancer!

You will become acquainted with a natural substance

which was able to prevent cases of breast cancer (mammary carcinoma) by 100% in



We will tell you about another natural substance, to which, according to expert opinion, there is not a single type of cancer that would not react positively!

At a medical congress in the USA in 2005, this very substance was recognised as the only natural remedy which can be used for the preventive and therapeutic treatment of cancer – irrespective of the type of cancer!

In an international comparison, the morbidity rate of breast, prostate, large intestine and lung cancer in India is ten times less than in the USA from a statistical point of view. This is attributed to the daily amount of this very substance in the traditional Indian diet!

Inherited tumour genes can be switched off! Become acquainted with the natural substances that switch off cancer genes epigenetically!

Dr. Schwartz was able to observe a reduction in the cancer rate by up to 80% in his studies of a further natural substance, which we will name!

Prof. John Pezzuto and his team have investigated 2500 natural substances for their cancer-inhibiting effect in a unique research programme, the biggest in the world, and his conclusion about another natural substance from this book is as follows:

"This was the most promising substance of all the plant extracts, which we have investigated for their chemopreventive effectiveness."

The effect of natural killer cells against cancer could be tripled from 10% to 33% with another natural substance!

An impressive 600 cancer studies of another natural substance underline its outstanding effect!



Diabetes – the no. 3 cause of death


Approximately every 10 seconds someone dies from the effects of diabetes somewhere in the world! 

In the meantime, one in ten adults falls ill with diabetes, and this is an upward trend! 

Ai disease which has become one of the scourges of modern life, for which orthodox medicine also has no cure in store!


Type 1 - Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes affects 10% of all diabetics. It is caused by a deficiency in the hormone insulin, which is why this type of diabetes is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Type 1 diabetes starts at an early age, often in children and adolescents.


Type 2 - Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, formerly also referred to as "non-insulin dependent) diabetes" or "adult-onset diabetes", is a disease which usually affects older people and does not necessarily require treatment with insulin. This type of diabetes affects around 90% of all diabetics.

Environmental factors, obesity and increasing sugar consumption take their toll, and therefore more and more young people are also developing type 2 diabetes.

The long-term effects of diabetes include circulation disorders which lead to limb amputations but often also fatal heart attacks and strokes!




How can diabetes be prevented and treated with appropriate natural substances?


How can you protect yourself from the terrible effects of diabetes, and thus eye problems, kidney problems, destruction of nerves (diabetic neuropathy), diabetic foot or diabetic foot syndrome, diabetic macroangiopathy, obesity based on metabolic syndrome, cardiac infarctions and strokes?


You will find the details in your Codex Humanus, including the following:  

Blood glucose levels reduces  from 14.23 ± 1,32 mmol/l  to 11,4 ± 0,89 mmol/l 60min after the consumption of only 200ml of a certain juice (named in the book!)

Another study investigated the effect of the regular consumption of this juice on blood glucose levels over a period of three months: in this case, the initial blood glucose level was 13.28± 4.55 mmol/l, and it had decreased to 9.10 ± 3.05 mmol/l . Apart from the hypoglycaemic effect, the total cholesterol level, the lipid levels and the HBA1C value also improved!


Another natural substance counteracts the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which cause neuropathic complications in diabetes!

The following list documents the therapeutic effects of another natural substance on diabetes mellitus, which we tell you about in our book:



Therapeutic benefits of the natural substances from the book "Codex Humanus" for patients with diabetes mellitus


  • Optimisation of glucose absorption in the muscle cells, where it is consumed

  • Optimisation of glucose utilisation

  • Improvement in insulin sensitivity

  • Neutralisation of the free radicals that cause secondary diseases in diabetes

  • Elevation of glutathione levels, which are low in diabetes

  • Improvement in blood flow

  • Protection against cardio-vascular problems that are typical in diabetics

  • Protection against neurological failures such as diabetic polyneuropathy

  • Improvement in nerve conduction

  • Protection against the breakdown of vitamin C, which is lost as a result of elevated blood glucose

  • Protection of the blood vessels

  • Improvement in blood supply to nerves

  • Protection against cataracts, which are typical in cases of diabetes

  • Counteraction of circulation disorders

  • Growth promotion in peripheral nerve cells

  • Interception of metal ions, which cause oxidative stress

  • Doctors from the Sao Paulo Clinic discussing the effect of a traditional native American tea on diabetes: :
    "We have observed that the use (of the above-mentioned substance) mitigates juvenile-onset diabetes (type 1 diabetes) in an impressive way but so far we have no explanation for this. The glucose values have declined to the normal level of a healthy person in some cases."
  • Effect of another natural substance on diabetes:
    Since the above-mentioned natural substance controls our blood sugar level via the H3 receptors of the autonomous nervous system, it is therapeutic for diabetics in any case, but also recommended as a measure for the prevention of diabetes!
  • Furthermore, this substance prevents glycation  and can therefore prevent  diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy and eye damage!
  • In addition to this, ingesting this natural substance during pregnancy increases the glucose tolerance of the child, thereby reducing the risk of the child developing diabetes.

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"Codex Humanus" ( 2-part, bound book)

Introductory Offer

Get today as a special offer the 2-part book "Codex Humanus" (2000 pages, 3rd edition, bound books Volume I and II) with a total value of 283,90 EU for a sensational price of only 79,90 EU (also available as cheaper eBook, click => HERE!), to yourself and your family to protect against diseases and premature aging!

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Stroke (cerebral apoplexy) – the no. 4 cause of death


You will find out the details in this book including the names of the substances and studies, among other things:

Dr. Packer was able to reduce the mortality rate of a reperfusion in a provoked stroke from 80% to 25% in his tests with a certain natural substance!

In another study at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the secondary damage of an artificially induced stroke could be reduced by 48% and disturbed brain functions by 51% /span compared to the control group through the ingestion of a certain natural substance!

Dr. Maxim Bing discussing another natural substance:

"...very effective means of combating arteriosclerosis… exceptionally good results are obtained in the case of kidney calcification and the capillaries of the brain!"

Another natural substance in the book can offer protection against the tissue damage arising as a result of circulatory collapse which occurs e.g. after infarctions. This reperfusion damage can also cause strokes!

Rosenthal 1992

The same natural substance improved cognitive functions and memory in stroke patients. This led to a significant reduction in the rehabilitation period following a stroke!

Arrigo 1990

Several studies indicate that another natural substance, which we will present to you, was able to reduce the mortality rate from 67% (without this substance!) to 30% and from 55% to 17% in another study!

Arthrosis / Arthritis

200,000 hip prostheses and 70,000 knee prostheses are implanted every year only for example in Germany! 

Arthrosis and arthritis are fantastic business for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession – at the same time, arthrosis is preventable and curable, as is arthritis!

But the prescription of harmful, synthetic so-called chondroprotectives and antiphlogistics, in order to make even more money with endoprotheses after years of prolonged suffering, is a billion-dollar business for the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors!

One reason why you do not know about the studies of successful natural remedies, and even the doctor treating you is usually unaware of them!

All harmful and not very useful remedies for synthetic cartilage build-up have an efficient and side-effect free counterpart in nature and are underpinned by reliable, representative studies!

Amongst other things, you will find out about the following in your Codex Humanus:  

"The medical evidence supports the use of (name of the natural substance in the book!) in order to alleviate arthrosis symptoms and possibly inhibit the progression of the disease." So say researchers at Creighton University in Omaha (Nebraska) who have analysed 20 randomised, controlled studies with more than 2500 patients. Published in the New York Times on 21st January 2008

"Substance….(name and description in the book "Codex Humanus"!) is a physiological substance, for which a certain inhibition of arthrosis progression has been verified. The benefit-to-risk profile is favourable." Prof. Dr. med. R. Jakob, Senior Consultant of the Orthopaedic Clinic, Freiburg 

"It appears that these components (a combination of two natural substances here) play a role in the effective treatment of joint disorders."
Journal of the American Medical Association assessing 15 clinical studies on the above-mentioned successful combination in March 2000

A further natural substance has an antiphlogistic effect on the joint. It enhances the ability of the hyaline cartilage to bind water and increases elasticity.
The connective tissue is strengthened and the cartilage can even regenerate in some cases, because the chondrocytes, which always regenerate the degraded cartilage in the joint throughout life increase their activity by 243%! in the presence of the natural substance mentioned above!

The anti-inflammatory activity of another natural substance from the book, which arises from the inhibition of NF-kappB and the expression of adhesion molecules, is presented. This is of critical importance for curing arthritis!

A native American tea with its verified anti-inflammatory and detoxicating properties has proven to be extremely effective in treating arthritis and can both alleviate pain and strongly support recovery from the disease.

Prof. Dr. Winfried Laakmann, Director of University San Salvador:
"In treating rheumatism I have already had success with... (you will find the name of the substance in this book!) all around the world. I had patients who could not get out of bed in the morning because of rheumatic pain. Their joints were stiff. I prescribed (name of the natural substance in the book). The success story: after one month, they were able to move their joints again without pain!"

Another natural substance can reduce arthritis inflammation and pain through the synthesis of PGE 1 (prostaglandin) which affects the regulation of the immune system!



Arthritis can be alleviated, frequently even cured by means of a certain, very inexpensive natural substance (best of all in combination with vitamin E)!

 70 % of the animals in the test were able to recover, 1/3 were completely cured of arthritis with this very substance! 

As reported in the media, the chairman of the British Arthritis Association, Charles Ware, was completely cured of extremely severe arthritis solely with the aid of this natural substance! (Name and detailed description in this book!)

In studies, another natural substance was able to inhibit metalloproteases, NFkappaB, TNF-alpha and COX-2 in arthritis sufferers, meaning that inhibition of the arthritis-typical joint inflammation could be verified!

And much more.

Anti-ageing – stop ageing and bring about rejuvenation!

Governments keep knowledge under lock and key!

The Codex Humanus, the Book of Humanity, describes numerous of ways to significantly slow down biological ageing, even to turn back the biological clock! In this connection, Robert Franz mentions melatonin in the above presentation video, a really ingenious remedy from Mother Nature. Robert Franz also explains how it works in the film above! As you can guess, however, it is anything but in the interests of the individual governments of industrial countries to allow successful studies from the field of "ageing research", known as gerontology, to trickle down to the people unchecked…

What would it mean if every citizen had access to this knowledge and was able to extend their life by just 1-2 years…?

Correct, the social system of a contract between generations would collapse in less than three years, i.e. pension funds would be empty!


A perfect anti-ageing treatment and successful biological rejuvenation
always proceed via several mechanisms:


  • The supply of a natural enzyme called "telomorase", which not only protects the telomeres (our "vital force") on the chromosomes from shortening but even extends them again, enables our body cells to divide after they have reached the so-called "Hayflick limit". This is a sensational, completely new discovery, which was recognised with the Nobel prize for medicine in 2009. Activating the telomerase not only slows down ageing (anti-ageing), it even promotes biological rejuvenation... According to growing number of renowned gerontologists and scientists (e.g. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Noack, among others), an enlightened individual can stay healthy up to the age of 200 years and more with this sensational new knowledge..!

  • At the same time, damage incurred in the past through the destructive mechanisms of cell oxidation, carbonylation, glycation and cross-linking of the collagens is repaired!

Every being is easily able to  biologically rejuvenate/span and to stop or significantly reduce further ageing


You will find the details of how this works in Your "Codex Humanus" 

We are in possession of the suppressed studies on the respective natural remedies which enable this dual rejuvenation and will greatly delay your ageing!


Amongst other things, you will be able to read the following about this in "Codex Humanus":  

Studies at the National Cancer Research Centre in Spain under the direction of Maria Blasco, showed that a certain constituent of a Chinese medicinal herb activates the enzyme telomerase and in so doing even extends critically short telomeres, heals cells in various organ systems and increases the span of health!

Whereas just a single natural substance prolonged life by 30% in an animal experiment on mice under the direction of Prof. Dr. Richard Passwater, the combination with another natural substance increased the life span of the mice by a sensational 175%!

We will reveal the details to you in this book!

The increase in the telomerase activity in normal human cells caused by the above-mentioned natural substance extended the life span!

Another natural substance, the only one which directly disposes of the enzyme "telomerase", was recently able to prove that it can prolong life (this discovery was rewarded with the Nobel prize!)

"Substance name (you will find the name in the book!) prolongs life and increases the quality of life over the extra years!" says Dr. Arthur Schwartz (Temple University, Philadelphia, USA)

"Liver spots", as they are commonly referred to, are nothing more than so-called "glycosylation", a tissue-destroying process which develops via a reaction between the blood sugar and the body proteins.


Whereas liver spots on the skin impair visual appearance, this damage also occurs in the heart and the brain. The above-mentioned natural substance can suppress these mechanisms, both in our internal organs, the brain (prevention of senile dementia!) and on the skin!

Another natural substance from the book  provides protection against all known symptoms of old age

As a highly effective antioxidant, a certain natural substance from the book wards off even the most persistent and most destructive radicals, against which other antioxidants fail, e.g.: hydroxyl, peroxyl, superoxide and singlet oxygen

"Carbonylation" is understood to be an age-dependent process, in which the dermal matrix is changed through constant protein damage. As things stand today, a certain natural substance from the book is regarded as THE most effective anti-carbonylation agent discovered so far!

Weakness in the connective tissue, a reduction in elasticity and wrinkles are attributable to the cross-linking properties of ageing skin. This natural substance has the ability to protect the skin from cross-linking and therefore ageing.

Another important aspect of physical ageing is known as glycation. Glycation is understood to be saccharification, meaning the hardening of the endogenous proteins, which causes loss of protein function, arteriosclerosis, reduction in the flexibility of the proteins, inflammations, diabetes and other problems which occur in old age!

Each of us is familiar with the visible results of glycation, which arise in the form of brown spots on the skin of older people.

The above-mentioned natural substance provides reliable protection against development of the so-called "Asvanced Glycation End-Products" (AGE) and counteracts glycation more powerfully than andy other known substance!

What is more, this substance provides protection against the 50x higher oxidative stress which a glycosylated protein produces compared to a non-glycosylated protein.

Since glycation initially manifests itself in wrinkles, anti-glycation provided by this substance is instrumental in early skin smoothing!



Prof. Dr. Pauling was of the opinion that you can prolong your life by up to 20 years with the appropriate dosage of a certain natural substance which he researched for decades!

After a study carried out on human subjects, scientists from the renowned Harvard University recently caused a minor sensation when they proclaimed that you could prolong your life by approximately 20 years with a certain natural substance (you will find out the details in this book)!

Allergies (hay fever, lactose intolerance, house-dust allergy, animal-hair allergy, etc.)

Allergies are a typical problem of the modern age! Each year, we are confronted with approx. 1000 new foreign substances, against which our immune system attempts to protect us - when the limit is reached, our immune system directs itself at healthy cells, and allergies develop!

Amongst other things, you will also find out about the following in detail in your Codex Humanus: 

A certain natural substance (described in detail in the book!) has the corresponding autoantibodies, e.g. polymorphonuclear leukocytes, which regulate the immunological responses in the body that cause allergies!


The IgE of another substance regulates allergic reactions and can help to prevent them!

Another natural substance was able to demonstrate a regulating effect on the immune system in a large number of studies, something which is of the greatest importance in the case of allergic disorders!

The same substance promotes the synthesis of IgG antibodies and is therefore instrumental in the elimination of allergens. The expression of T-bet mRNA and T-helper 1 cytokines, e.g. IFN-Y, is promoted, the activity of the genes that play a part in the inflammation process within the allergic reaction is regulated and the secretion of histamine inhibited, which results in the prevention of allergic symptoms.

The above-mentioned substance has a proven track record here, e.g. in the case of pollen, house-dust mite and animal-hair allergies.

The blood coagulation factor "PAF" ("platelet-activating factor") plays an important role in allergies. Another natural substance, which we present to you in our book, actively counteracts allergic symptoms by inhibiting the PAF!

Another natural substance from the book regulates the histamine and histidine production, which results in fewer allergies and ameliorates or prevents allergic symptoms!


And much more.




Depression (burnout syndrome, emotional problems, anxiety states, etc.)

Our stressful performance-oriented society and the fast-moving age, within an existence that is becoming increasingly removed from a healthy, social environment, take their toll. Thus, more and more people are starting to suffer from depression or burnout syndrome, suffer from anxiety or are often in a negative state of mind, which makes life hardly worth living...!

This is the general, official explanation - which unfortunately only represents half the truth,…however..!

What orthodox medicine is very happy to conceal is the fact that our disposition, i.e. our emotional balance, is directly connected to the so-called ""neurotransmitters"" , messenger substances in our brain, whose formation is in turn directly dependent on certain nutrients which we can only supply to the brain through our diet.

Everyone has probably heard something about the neurotransmitter "serotonin" (also known as the “happiness hormone"), a messenger substance which triggers a cheerful mood and a happy feeling in the brain! This messenger substance can be found e.g. in walnuts, bananas, tomatoes and also in chocolate in small amounts!

A large number of these "happiness hormones" and messenger substances, as well as nutrients which stimulate the production of these messenger substances in the brain, can be found in nature – the problem is that our food is generally losing more and more vital substances and nutrients (as a result of environmental pollution, pesticides, growth accelerators, etc.), so that we no longer obtain enough of these nutrients which are urgently required for happiness in a normal diet – this is added to the above-mentioned stressful living conditions, and only these two factors provide the whole truth and the real reasons for the increasing amount of depression, anxiety, burnout and mood swings!

Depression and burnout therefore do not start in the head but in the body cells and are mainly attributable to a deficiency of vital substances! As incredible as this might sound, even winning the lottery jackpot does not change the state of mind if these messenger substances are not present in the brain - conversely, the systematic ingestion of some of the natural substances described in detail in the "Codex Humanus" (natural antidepressants!) results in an internal feeling of well-being, even if everything else in life is currently being turned upside down and going wrong..!

Instead of cramming patients full of antidepressants, some of which are even life-threatening, doctors would be well advised to familiarise themselves with these natural substances in the "Codex Humanus" and recommend them to their patients – natural antidepressants which have no side effects, do not leave you in limbo after treatment ends and are also inexpensive!   

Amongst other things, you will also find out about the following in detail in your Codex Humanus:  

Several natural substances (revealed in the "Codex Humanus") boost the serotonin level ("the happiness hormone"), which triggers feelings of happiness in the brain, as we all know! 

One amino acid demonstrably increases the phosphatidylserine and dopamine level; both are needed for our mental balance!

Another amino acid has a positive effect on our mental well-being as a precursor of important messenger substances!

Certain minerals (all are mentioned in the "Codex Humanus") increase the activity of certain vitamins which, when combined, have proved to be remarkable mechanisms against depression, anxiety and burnout in a large number of studies.

One vitamin combination increases the calcium metabolism, which is known to play a central role in nerve activity!

A combination of 9 different vitamins promotes the reconstruction of neurotransmitters and the relaying of brain impulses, thereby effectively counteracting depression!

And much more.

And much more.



Adiposis / obesity

While the official institutions have persisted with long outdated theses for 50 years, our population has ingloriously advanced to become the fattest in the intervening period, and there is no end to this negative development in sight..!

Is it really because they exercise less than in the past and consume more calories – or are the reasons possibly of a completely different nature..?! A nature which the "official information centres", influenced by lobbying, may not wish or are unable to reveal to us for good reason..?!

The truth is also quite different in the case of severe obesity and adiposis: the industrial toxins (poisons) in the air we breathe, our food, our drinking water and our clothing as well as the acids arising day in, day out in our organism as a result of completely denatured food represent an insurmountable metabolic barrier for the human organism, which initially blocks all the metabolic processes, including the fat metabolism, then simply paralyses them, which primarily results in obesity and, in the advanced stages, adiposis!

The logical procedure before calorie restriction and exercise is as follows:

  • Detoxication of the human organism through the ingestion of natural substances which can demonstrate clear detoxication mechanisms in studies!

  • Systematic deacidification of the human organism through alkaline substances

  • Optimisation of glucose utilisation and promotion of the bile flow through appropriate natural substances

  • Increase in the beta-oxidation (fat burning) through appropriate natural substances

  • Increase in thermogenesis through appropriate substances and thereby an increase in the rate of lipometabolism

  • Suppression of angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) of the fat cells, thereby preventing fat cell division and the resulting increase in fat!

You will find out more on this subject in the Codex Humanus, amongst other things:

You will learn about veritable "fat killer" substances from nature which you would not know about if it was up to the official information centres and the pharmaceutical industry, which makes more money from overweight people than anybody else…! 

We will tell you which natural substances significantly increase beta-oxidation (fat burning)!

Learn about the substances which most effectively promote bile flow and thereby accelerate fat burning!

Your Codex Humanus will tell you which natural substances break down the resistance of insulin and speed up fat burning in people who usually have problems with this!

We will tell you about the natural substances which increase thermogenesis when they are consumed, thereby increasing fat burning!

You find out which natural substances accelerate digestion and remove fatty acids from the intestine more quickly, long before they can be stored as body fat!

Learn about natural angiogenesis inhibitors, i.e. natural substances which inhibit the development of blood vessels in the adipose tissue, meaning that the fat cells grow less and cannot increase in number!

In the "Codex Humanus", we tell you which substances build up muscle during a diet and provide reliable protection against muscle loss

Now the absolute weight-loss sensation:


The number of fat cells in the body is genetically predetermined and unfairly and unevenly distributed over the human race – what does this mean? 

Most heavily overweight people have a far higher number of fat cells by nature than their "normal" fellow human beings. If they eat a bit more than allowed, these fat cells multiply in no time – but, conversely, if they lose weight, these cells do not simply disappear but are merely starved and wait for the next opportunity to fill up again and increase in number!  

Whereas the "official bodies" wish to tell us that you can do nothing and have to accept this fate as "personal bad luck", a powerful substance from India was recently able to impressively demonstrate in representative studies that you can cause fat cells to die, i.e. minimise the number of fat cells!!!  

The above-mentioned natural substance also provides protection against heart attacks, strokes, cancer, arthritis and diabetes, i.e. diseases that particularly afflict overweight people and jeopardize their health..! And much more.





Cancer is almost 100% preventable and acute cancer has not been an automatic death sentence for a long time with the appropriate insider-knowledge which we reveal to you in this book!

Cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes can be prevented and successfully treated!

Diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis are definitely curable, diabetes as well as all allergies can be successfully tackled, depressionen, asthma, hepatitis, migraine, impotence and all diseases ending in "-itis" are not only preventable but usually also curable with the appropriate natural substances - this is also called orthomolecular medicine!

Codex Humanus - the Book of Humanity - a unique insider report, an indispensable reference work, a must for every person living in the modern era, prevents and cures diseases – underpinned by reliable, representative studies and expert opinion, including from doctors who have sworn the Hippocratic Oath for humankind and not to line their own pockets!

The sum total of all the therapeutic knowledge of alternative medicine from all cultures and eras, independent of the pharmaceutical industry and the prevailing medical establishment!





And much more

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Do not worry about the wealth of information which can be expected – the Codex Humanus should be regarded as a reference work, and you can look up the required information in a very short time as a result of the clearly structured contents, the large number of active substance-effect tables and the keyword index!

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