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Customer testimonials

"I have earned my living in “health” for many years and read pretty much everything on this topic. After my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I looked into alternative therapy more intensely and came across the titles mentioned above. (It’s not a coincidence: I was bound to find these books!)" Rene Wendler (Naturopath, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist) Rene Wendler (Naturopath, Osteopaths, Physiotherapist)
Codex Humanus has changed our lives ...
I did not think I would see my dream come to pass that someone would have the courage to publish a complete work that could change, improve and even ... save all of our lives. I hope that as many people as possible benefit from this complete truth! This book miraculously combines all the information for which you would otherwise have to scour the Internet and other smaller reference works. Carmen Chirila
Well-founded, unadulterated, valuable, hard-to-find statements ...
“I am trained in natural medicine and therefore always interested in literature in this area. It is difficult, even for people with relevant information, to find information from that which is publicly available on the Internet or in bookstores that can be applied to the topics of naturopathic prevention and therapy...” Fritz Raddatz 8076 Vasoldsberg Fritz Raddatz
All applications are supported by numerous studies by world-renowned institutions, doctors and researchers...
“All applications, advice and recommendations are backed by numerous studies from world-renowned institutions, physicians and researchers. I then ordered another 5 books with the following titles: “Heart Attacks”, “Strokes”, “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity”, “Purify and Deacidify” and “Osteoarthritis”, and these books are of equal relevance. Finally, I would like to quote one sentence that a pharmacist once told me: “There are many natural remedies which help, but that which is forbidden, cannot be”. (Incidentally, this sentence also appears in “Cancer”).” Erika Herzinger 90449 Nuremberg Erika Herzinger
“Many thanks for the Codex Humanus book. It’s a huge treasure of knowledge from alternative and natural medicine. I am sure that we can incorporate much of it into our therapeutic practice”. Salamat po, (Filipino for “thank you”) Dr.Oliver Hill Dr. Oliver Hill M.D.
For anyone involved in naturopathy, Codex Humanus is an absolute must...
“For anyone involved in naturopathy, Codex Humanus is an absolute must. It introduced me to natural remedies that helped me get rid of my acne and my oily skin. Also, I currently use a combination that is absolutely noticeable in its effect: my concentration has increased many times over. I remember lectures as if I had seen them in the form of a film..." Andreas Warkentin 63584 Gründau-Rothenbergen Andreas Warkentin
“Due to severe illness, I am constantly on the lookout for relief and even cures. I could almost write such a book myself. (Of course not - I'm only joking!) But in Codex Humanus, I found substances and clues that I had been previously unaware of and that give me encouragement. The authors have spared no effort, performed proper scrutiny and have documented and described their findings well. “ Gottfried Gas, Linz, Austria Gottfried Gas
“Hello, I've read the entire book and I really have to say this: It's amazing and unbelievable that this nation/Europe/large parts of the world are being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry. I knew that this was going on but I had no idea that it was so drastic. I have been saying for a long time that there is an herb for every illness and this book confirms it very emphatically with comprehensible evidence.” Best regards Lutz Müller 25451 Quickborn Lutz Müller
Codex Humanus - lots of useful tips for maintaining health, rejuvenation
“A few weeks ago, I bought the book “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity”, as well as the other two Vitaminum books, as pdf documents for an unbeatable 67 euros and I read them while on holiday. I have already implemented and applied many useful tips for the preservation of my health and for rejuvenation (anti-ageing).” Armin Stark 56479 Oberrod Armin Stark
Numerous excellent tips on how to take the fear factor out of every disease.
“When we bought Codex Humanus, we were a bit sceptical at first. But it is a book that has lived up to its promises. Numerous excellent tips on how to take the fear factor out of every disease. I can highly recommend this book; it has helped us a lot personally. Thank you to the authors”. Johann Plewnik 84130 Dingolfing Johann Plewnik